Небольшой релиз с исправлением ошибок и нововведениями.

- [F] DocLister Extra install gives warning #463 (Pathologic)
- [F] install error on PHP 7.2 (Vitaliy Rudnyh)
- [F] #481 Fix export of Static-HTML with FURLs enabled (Deesen)
- [F] global tabs dont work on 1.4 with manager role #484 (64j)
- [F] Cookies mess in startCMSSession #396 (Pathologic)
- [F] Store module unparsed placeholders (Pathologic)
- [F] broken OnWUsrFormRender event (Pathologic)
- [F] Fix Information tab logo path (Mr B)
- [F] Missing hover style for TV Insert #475 (64j)
- [F] fix for moving content to another tab (Mr B)
- [F] Deactivated user is active after forgot password mail #42 (Pathologic)
- [F] conflict with manager and web-user sessions #258 (Pathologic)
- [F] #477 Cache plugin-properties using parseProperties() (Deesen)
- [F] 1.4.0 not work params in chunks #478 (Pathologic)
- [F] tree buttons JS (Piotr Matysiak)
- [U] Quick Manager+ and some fix (Mr B)
- [U] FormLister (Pathologic)
- [U] DocLister (Agel_Nash)
- [I] random table prefix (Agel_Nash)
- [I] Check exists mysqi extension (Vitaliy Rudnyh)
- [I] Outdated Extras Check (Nicola)
- [I] ability to use extended DocumentParser class (Pathologic)
- [I] Extras/Store - New feature "Install by file-upload" - accepts ZIP-files from https://github.com/extras-evolution/ (Deesen)
- [I] Updated TinyMCE4 to v4.7.4 (from v4.6.3) - added param "mobile" to theme.base - added param "Skin-Theme" to settings (Deesen)
- [R] MODxMailer - log only public properties (Pathologic)

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